About Me

The HonourableLady Emelote of Calais is a member of the Society of Creative Anachronisms (SCA) in the Kingdom of Ealdormere and calls the Barony of Skraeling Althing home. Emelote enjoys researching and re-creating clothing of various eras and loves to discover new (and fun) ways to create the whole outfit. She also loves cooking in the kitchen to figure out how to create the most delicious feasts she can. She is slowly moving towards work as an experimental historian and living history.

THL Emelote of Calais was born in Calais, France in 1494. She is the only child from her parents.  Her Father was a Merchant of the Staple of Calais and was influential in the wool trade in Calais. Being the only child, her Father thought it wise to educate her in the wool business so that she may ensure the family legacy, no matter the man she married. Her family spent time between Calais and their wool estates in the Chichester area of England.

Emelote married in 1512 to Geoffrey the Mercer and they returned to London and her fathers estates. They were blessed with a Daughter in 1525. Unfortunately, Geoffrey died in 1530 while returning from the Continent from a fever. Emelote then took over their business and shop and has worked at expanding the it. She is determined to move the business to become a importer of various goods and supplying to the various London shops and shoppes around England. She enjoys the exchange and challenge of finding the best materials and sundries at good prices. When she is not working in the business, she continues her husewife duties and teaches their daughter all she needs to know to continue the business when she leaves this mortal coil. The year is now 1534.

In real life Lady Emelote is Erin and she loves history, sewing, cooking, and has started to learn how to weave. She is married to Jeff and has a daughter, they also have three beautiful cats named Lance(lot) and (Sir) Robin and Onyx.

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